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Office Infiltrators [Special Edition Impersonation Markers]

Office Infiltrators [Special Edition Impersonation Markers]

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Blend into the battleground of paperwork and cubicles with our "Office Impersonators" marker set, a nod to the drollery of office life and the impersonating aliens pretending to be co-workers. Designed for use in Infinity the game, this set includes three markers: the passive-aggressive Hassassin Fiday, the HR gatekeeping Speculo Killer, and the oblivious executive Kiiutan Imposter, each cleverly disguised as mundane office workers.

Each marker is made from high-quality, color-printed acrylic that captures the essence of corporate espionage with a comical twist. The artwork, created by the talented Obadiah Hampton, features subtle cues like a cell phone, a TPS report, and a mug filled with day-old coffe.

These markers are equipped with innovative pressure-fit tabs and built-in magnet holes, ensuring they securely snap onto the flippable acrylic bases marked with "Impersonation 1" and "Impersonation 2" states. This allows players to track their markers in a whimsically bureaucratic fashion.

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