Collection: Northern Tribes

The Northern Tribes have occupied the Boreal Lands for centuries. The orcs were the first to make their home in these vast, icy tracts. The varank, for their part, came to the Boreal Lands in small waves as they left the northernmost reaches of the central continent behind, abandoning it entirely during the civil war that ended the elven empire of Gae Assail.

Since then, both peoples have inhabited the Boreal Lands. But a few years ago, two tribes of orcs and varank sealed an alliance, motivated by a common interest: to head south, cross the Northern Seas, and conquer the central continent itself.

The alliance of these brutally enraged forces soon paid dividends. They quickly occupied the Island of Chains and conquered Grjotgard, taking it from the Mounthaven dwarves. They could do little when they saw the ships of the bloodthirsty hordes of the Northern Tribes break through the drifting mists. Despite the best efforts of the dwarves to face them, neither their defensive systems, nor their war machines, nor even the military support of the Feudom knights who came to their aid could staunch the tide of ferocious warriors.

Grjotgard fell. And the orcs and varank established themselves as an occupying army in that territory, becoming a nightmare for their neighbors on the borders: the dwarves, the Embersigians  ,the Sÿenann, and the Feudals.

A tense truce has been reached with the dwarves, by the signing of a  peace treaty: the Agreement of the Torc and the Tiara. The strip of land that separates the occupied territory of Grjotgard and the Hegemony of Embersig is a zone of permanent conflict. There, the Northern Tribes have erected an imposing bulwark; an impassable bastion they have named the Fortress of Grjotgard.

Feudom, however, is the most coveted target for the Tribes. Raids in the North Mark, to the east of the conquered territories, are frequent. Jewels, weapons, horses, and Feudal wares are too tasty a morsel for the varank, while their fertile lands are a haven for orc hunters. Furthermore, since the terrible battle of Grjotgard, the knights of the Order of Mercy have become a blood prize the Tribes are eager to collect.

Although if there is something that especially worries the Northern Tribes, it is the elves that lurk at the foot of the Green Rock; those who call themselves the Sÿenann. They've barely faced them a handful of times, trying to reach the peak of the mountain, but every time, the Sÿenann have put up obstacles to stop them. This has only piqued their interest more and they will not stop until they get where they want to go.

Now, the Northern Tribes are determined to continue expanding throughout the territory, plundering and destroying everything in their path. This is the moment they have been waiting generations for,  and they expect to emerge victorious from the many skirmishes and battles that will be necessary to achieve their goals.

Neither orcs nor varank truly fear any of the enemies that will face them. These hulking warriors know that the ones who truly need to worry are the feeble soldiers of the Hegemony, the knights and sinister priestesses of Feudom, the overconfident dwarves who always manipulate others to get their way, and most of all, the elves, as they are ultimately the target of their unbridled vengeance.

No, the orcs and varank have no cause for concern. It is the other races who will have to hide their shameful fear when they face off against the might of  the Northern Tribes. It will soon be made painfully evident that the Hegemonics, Feudals, dwarves and Sÿenann are nothing more than cowards through and through.