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The Great Forest is the territory in which the Sÿenann live, they are its protectors and guardians. This has its roots in the fall of the old elven empire of Gae Assail, when a large part of the elves of the Army of Radiance, winners of the civil war against the imperial forces, settled in this  enchanted place.

Over time, these elves, known now as the Sÿenann, fully adapted to an environment as beautiful as it was hostile, giving rise to an egalitarian society, teeming with traditions around the Sÿena trees and experts in guerrilla tactics to defend their home and, most importantly, their way of life.

Winds of change are blowing and the Sÿenann are no strangers to them. Every day, the combative pressure at the edges of the Great Forest grows and grows. Feudom's troops push on, eager to use the unique qualities of the wood of their trees to make weapons. They are also obsessed with finding the relics of their Moon Goddesses: objects that actually come from the time of Gae Assail or even a civilization that predates it. However, the Feudal fanatics ignore this fact and those who might know refuse to admit it.

For its part, the Hegemony of Embersig, an empire with an insatiable appetite for expansion, yearns to occupy the Great Forest and reveal the secrets that its dense and mysterious groves contain, objectives undoubtedly fueled by the Aestari elves, deserters and traitors of an ancient race, that make up their militia.

And as for the Mounthaven dwarves, if it were up to them, the Great Forest would become a massive pit mine. Furthermore, the Northern Tribes have returned to the continent from the Boreal Lands with the intention of making it their new domain. And while there hasn't been a truly serious confrontation with the Sÿenann yet, they are ready for it. They know it 's only a matter of time.

As if all this were not enough, the Great Forest, which until now, has remained wholly unaffected by the presence of the crimson Fog that waits expectantly to engulf Lindwurm, has begun to show cracks in places like the Forest of No Return, a sure sign that their defenses are beginning to weaken, and this has led to various confrontations with terrifying creatures borne from the Fog. Driven mad by their bloodlust, they attack any living thing they come across with such ferocity that they can easily be found by following the trail of dismembered bodies  they leave behind as they go.

Not all of the Sÿenann see things the same way. There are those who minimize the importance of these facts as if they were natural events in relation to the rise of the cycle of magic. Others  prefer just not to think about it, as if doing so would make the situation worse.

Many sense that the presence of the Dark Minded are behind these ominous events. In the times of Gae Assail, this was the name given to those elves, followers of the Dark Doctrine, who chose to push the limits of  their studies and magical practices, regardless of the dire consequences caused by surpassing their natural bounds. The Dark Minded sought only to achieve maximum power at any cost, then subject the world to their will and achieve immortality. Only the Army of Radiance could stop them, albeit at great cost, and now it appears that these power-hungry lunatics have returned.

The Sÿenann cannot sit idly by as the Dark Minded once again attempt to poison Lindwurm with their madness. The latest generation of Sÿenann, more combative and, for the most part, less traditionalist than their predecessors, has decided to take action. No longer will they be on the defensive. Gone are the days when the fight is confined to the interior of the Great Forest. There will be no more isolation from the outside world regarding these events, for what happens abroad is now recognized for the way it affects events at home.

So now warbands are seen as frequently as the search parties for new Sÿena, whose awakening is increasing as the cycle of magic ascends. The most determined have begun to undertake the merciless hunt for the Dark Minded, the purge of Feudals and Embersigians, the extermination of dwarves that approach the forests, and the annihilation of orcs and varank.

These warbands also search for objects from the ancient Army of Radiance and what remains of its legendary past.The Sÿenann understand that when the face of whoever is behind these recurrent, terrible events is revealed, it will be necessary to possess the most powerful weapons and armor. The cause and defense of the Great Forest is above all other considerations. The Sÿenann troops are the deadliest and most powerful in all of  Lindwurm and they are ready to strike down any foe that dares cross their path.

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