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Persecuted to near extermination and victims of a narrative that has perverted their legacy, the Scions of Yaldabaoth are all that remains of the rightful rulers of the former elven empire of Gae Assail. These elves have assumed the nickname, “the Dark Minded”. But the Scions are, above all else, survivors. They have been on the run for more than a thousand years, hiding, covering their tracks, and waiting for the opportunity to reveal themselves to the world again then reclaim what is rightfully theirs. While others boast of their victories and congratulate themselves for hard fought battles, the Scions of Yaldabaoth have waged a covert war for over a millennium, knowing that carelessness would mean death in the face of enemies who vastly outnumber them in several ways.

The Progenitors are wizards of great skill as well as the leaders of the Scions of Yaldabaoth, Some of them achieve such mastery of the arcane arts that it is no wonder that they consider themselves gods who walk amongst mortals. Of all the denizens of Lindwurm, elves are innately the best at wielding magic. And, among them, the Dark Minded are the only ones who fully embrace it, unafraid of the Tinge that terrifies the Aestari elves of the Hegemony and not dependent on petty ancestors clinging to a poor pretense of life, as is the case with the Sÿenann. With their arcane mastery they can create monsters, and break the seemingly impassable barrier between life and death.

The Scions of Yaldabaoth are scattered across the world, with no land to call home. They live hidden and far from each other, so that the murder or capture of one of them does not jeopardize the great plan of Yaldabaoth. He is their Father-Mother, the Architect of Flesh.

But despite this diaspora, the Progenitors are not alone. Around each of them a small heterogeneous group is formed, a Family. These Families are made up of disaffected people in search of meaning in their lives, the dead who walk again, and beings that have crawled out from the Fog that has spread throughout the world. They are bands who fight for the liberation of minds, apostles of a message that the great powers try to censor, and fanatical soldiers who will gladly give their lives to achieve the plans of the elf who leads them. The humans accompanying the Dark Minded are former citizens of Feudom, the Hegemony of Embersig, or the Merchant Alliance, who have decided to leave the unfair society in which they lived to fight for their place in the world.

The mission of the Scions of Yaldabaoth may seem impossible, but with each passing day it is closer to completion, as their Father-Mother supports and guides them, executing an infallible plan. They feel it in an undeniable way in their hearts and perceive how the Architect’s Breath spreads. The Architect's Breath is the name given by the Dark Minded to the Fog that once concealed the ruins of Gae Assail and now manifests itself in places of power throughout the world. The Scions cloak themselves in these mists and pool their forces, rising to attack when victory is certain and withdrawing again before the great nations of Lindwurm have a chance to mobilize their armies.

No place is beyond the reach of the Scions of Yaldabaoth. No matter how high are the walls of a Feudom noble's castle, how vigilant is the sentinel of an orcish encampment, or how thick is the forest that conceals a Sÿenann enclave in the Great Forest. The Feudal lord's serfs will dress up like beasts to worship the Father-Mother and slay their lord, the corpses of the Northern Tribes will rise to tear the flesh of their former hunting companions, and the thick Fog will invade the foliage while monsters whose mere presence poisons the essence of the forest arise from within. Even the underground fortresses of Mounthaven will not be beyond their reach.

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