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Feudom, whose origins go back more than a thousand years, has preserved its long-standing traditions , as well as the worship of the goddesses of its ancestors. All of which has contributed to the consolidation of a prosperous society in which everyone knows their place.

Pilgrims from all over the world come to Havraincourt, the capital of the kingdom in order to visit the cathedral of Selas and Losna, the Moon Goddesses, and thanks to taxes on just about everything, Feudom has over-flowing coffers.

But achieving such prosperity would not have been possible without the presence and strength of its knights, the military arm of the kingdom, and its priestesses, warriors who with their prayers and blessings offer protection and further extol the virtues of these honorable knights. All of this, together with the consolidation of imposing special units such as the Mist Guard, whose griffon-mounted riders are the only ones capable of properly facing the vile threat of the Fog, have made Feudom a most worthy adversary.

This kingdom on the rise finds itself at the best time in its history to occupy the place it deserves, above the other nations and governments of the world. However, to achieve this, Feudom will first have to take down all the enemies that gather at its borders.

The Northern Tribes arrived in the central continent, sowing terror wherever they go and their intention is to continue advancing in the conquest of the Feudal lands. Now, Feudom territories such as the North Mark are the object of their incursions, especially in the towns and places of passage at the foot of the Rempart Mountains, a natural border with the territory of Grjotgard that the savages have occupied. As a consequence, the alliance of mutual support between Feudom and Mounthaven, sealed in the Treaty of the Cauldron, has begun to falter. The dwarves are unwilling to present a common front against the invading tribes, with whom they have entered into a trade agreement to safeguard their own interests, disdaining their neighbors.

The new situation increases concern for another area in conflict: Os Marcos, the old Feudal duchy that was occupied by the Embersigians. The possibility that the Hegemony of Embersig will attempt to conquer the surrounding regions, taking advantage of the instability in the north, is another problem that Feudom will have to face.

But Mounthaven, the Hegemony, and the Northern Tribes are not the only threats to Feudom. The Sÿenann, the elves who took refuge in the Great Forest after the fall of the empire of Gae Assail, have always considered Feudals one of their main adversaries. Massacres like the one in the village of Rabanford bear witness to this. Their raids on Feudom have increased to such an extent that, a few decades ago, they even had the audacity to curse the current King Odar to prevent him from going to war with the rebel Duke of Os MarcosFrom that occurrence it came to pass that the duchy was separated from the kingdom and was annexed by the Hegemony. So it is not surprising that the Sÿenann have established themselves as one of the most hated and irreconcilable enemies of the Feudals, although these forest elves avoid being seen and prefer to act in the shadows, which is the cowardly character trait that defines them.

The island of Assail, a territory which mostly belongs to Feudom, continues to attract adventurers and mercenaries from all over the world, captivated by legends about the treasures hidden in its unexplored areas. It is also one of the main destinations for small units and elite groups from other nations who seek to locate treasures, relics, and sacred objects, although these pagans do not consider them as such.

However, despite threats from abroad and a brewing conflict of power between the Sempiternus, the highest representative of the Church, and the King, nothing will stop the knights and priestesses of Feudom from defeating all their enemies, defending the kingdom, and occupying the position they deserve.

None of them will give up on their mission to rescue all the relics of the Moon Goddesses, enforce the laws that hold the kingdom together, contain the attacks and onslaughts of the Fog, and protect their lands from the spawn and enemies that now harass them: orcs, varank, Sÿenann, Embersigians, and whatever other heretical filth that treads upon the soil of Lindwurm. Because this is Feudom… and only Feudom is destined to save the world.

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