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Mounthaven's dwarves inhabit impressive subterranean cities, hanging like stalactites within vast caverns beneath the mountain ranges of Lindwurm. Only they have reached the highest peaks and the deepest chasms of the mountains, have collected the most precious minerals, and have managed to defend a kingdom that, despite innumerable difficulties, has endured since the origins of the world.

Their weapons are the strength and determination imbued by their devotion to their ancestors and the Master Plan that guides them. This is an ancestral design that is enriched with what has been learned generation after generation. The Master Plan is the reason why the dwarves have known how to adapt to each of the circumstances in which history has placed them, without anyone being able to shake the foundations of their society, the beauty of their ceremonies, and the firmness of their family traditions.

Now all chroniclers and forecasters agree. The moment has come. It is time to achieve the objectives of the Plan that Mounthaven has been drawing up for millennia. Because what they call the Last War has already begun, and the dwarves will not hesitate to take up arms and crush those who dare stand against them to claim victory.

But achieving the goals laid out in the Master Plan will not be easy. The Northern Tribes have invaded the dwarven territories of the Island of Chains and GjrotgardMounthaven has been forced to sign a non-aggression pact and a trade agreement with the occupying army. The Sea of Fog, which spreads like a blanket under some of Mounthaven's subterranean cities, has begun to expand in such a way that more and more fear that it will swallow the towns that hang above it in one fell swoop. The appearance of new banks of the accursed Fog in different parts of the world has caused the flooding of underground galleries that kept some towns and mines connected.

The dwarves have had no choice but to occupy vacant or abandoned lands within Feudom and the Hegemony of Embersig, to increase the layout of their road network abroad, so it is not surprising that such expropriations are a source of more conflict with their neighbors.

It is true that relations with the Feudals have been fluid throughout history, since the signing of the Treaty of the Cauldron. But after the recent arrival of the Northern Tribes on the continent, the tension between Feudom and Mounthaven has been building. There is increasing pressure from some of the Feudal nobles on their king, Odar Lecerf, to impose upon the Great Monarch Liuva VIII fulfillment of the Treaty of the Caldera. They intend to start an open war against the orcs and varank in order to expel them from the north coast and demand that the dwarves fight alongside the army of Feudom. Faced with Liuva VIII's refusal, the tension between the two kingdoms is such that it seems that things will reach a boiling point soon.

However, the main enemy of the kingdom of Mounthaven is the Hegemony of Embersig. The fundamental reason for the animosity is the Ghents. These renegade dwarfs who inhabit the Hegemony descend from caravan families who left the realm generations ago, intent on joining the fledgling nation that would become the mighty multicultural empire that it is today. Although then the Ghents were despised by the rest of the dwarves, now the Master Plan has determined that Mounthaven accepts in its bosom those who wish to return to it, declaring their allegiance. This has provoked a guerrilla war in some points of the Hegemony’s territory. Even though the kingdom does not officially support such insurgents, they benefit from the equipment provided and the intervention of its soldiers.

In addition, the Hegemony was also responsible for the loss of the Broken Tops mountain range of Mounthaven, by lending their support to the rebels of the Revolt of the Cut Beards. The bloody uprising was started by the Shaven, a group of dwarves who aspired to emulate the ancient Ghents. As a result, the sedition of practically the entire mountain range took place, which the Hegemony annexed. However, a small redoubt of distinguished warriors faithful to the kingdom still resists at the Unquenchable Flame, the last stronghold of Mounthaven, located right at the peak of the Broken Tops, and which has become a true nightmare for the Embersigians.

But the conflicts with the Northern TribesFeudom, and the Hegemony are not the only obstacles to the achievement of the Master Plan of Mounthaven. There is one factor as dangerous as it is unpredictable that can affect the success of their objectives: the Sÿenann. Those elves that inhabit the Great Forest are more dangerous than many believe. But Mounthaven treasures the memory of Lindwurm and knows that they are capable of reaching such powerful heights that, if left to them, they would tear the world to pieces. The dwarves will not allow this to happen.

For if the Northern Tribes, Feudom, Hegemony, or Sÿenann think they can get in Mounthaven's way, they are sadly mistaken. They will painfully discover that the dwarves have been holding in reserve a technology that surpasses anything that has so far been seen, and that will lead them to a undeniable victory: weapons that can pierce the armor they sell to the Feudalstitans which can lay waste to the beasts that descend from the north, gadgets that disable the weaponry of the Hegemony’s Black Legion, and automatons capable of detecting, tracking down, then slitting the throat of a Sÿenann with a cleaner cut than even those deadly elves could manage.

Because Mounthaven's time has come and all dwarves will contribute with pride and their lives if need be, to ensure the achievement of the Plan, giving meaning to their existence; for which they have become the most effective and infuriating warriors in all of Lindwurm. Let the others say what they will, for the Last War has begunand when it is over, Mounthaven will rule the world.

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