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Line of Fire Status Discs

Line of Fire Status Discs

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Line of Fire Status Discs that have a clear LOF Front Arc built in, perfect for Infinity the Game ITS gameplay.  These multicolor, magnetizable transparent acrylic discs can be used to track the status of different models for Infinity: The Game. Use them to track wounds, game states, who is in which Combat Group, mark different weapon or equipment load-outs on similar models the possibilities are endless!

Ideal for painters that don't want to impact their paint jobs with LOF marks, but like to play the game and need to indicate the front arc.

You can stack multiple effects under your models' magnetized bases to remove token clutter from the table top.

The holes in the markers line up with those on Warsenal and Corvus Belli bases to make magnetising them a breeze with our Rare Earth Magnets

Choose your size and color from the dropdown menus. Markers priced individually.

Acrylic materials can vary greatly. Photos taken in optimal lighting conditions. Actual product may appear differently upon receipt.

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