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Kapsulo Bases [Color Printed]

Kapsulo Bases [Color Printed]

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Elevate your wargaming experience with our innovative color-printed bases! Designed for hobbyists who value both aesthetics and convenience, these bases are a hobby-changer.

Key Features:

Vibrant, Pre-Colored Design: Each base features a stunning, high-resolution color print, eliminating the need for painting. Choose from a variety of designs to suit your army's theme best.

Two-Part Acrylic Construction: The bases are built using two layers of 1.5mm acrylic to make a 3mm acrylic base. While also adding depth to the design. The bases can be mounted on standard Corvus Belli bases or used standalone. 

Pre-Cut Magnet Holes: The bases are already ready to receive magnets for transport using our Rare Earth Magnets. They are lined up to work perfectly with our Infinity Status Discs.

Easy to Assemble: Assembling your miniatures on these bases is quick and hassle-free, the tops and bottoms share the exact positioning on the sprues. Just match the match the color images and super glue.

Sizes and Compatibility: Available in standard "Infinity" sizes (25mm-40mm-55mm), our bases are also compatible with various miniatures used in popular wargaming systems.

Enhances Army Aesthetics: The vibrant colors and detailed designs are expertly (digitally painted) and add a layer of visual appeal to your wargame setup, making each model beautifully based.

The bases come color-printed and unassembled.

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