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Corvus Belli

Reinforcements: Haqqislam Pack Alpha

Reinforcements: Haqqislam Pack Alpha

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The Melek Reaction Group is true to its code name (“Angels”), for they are the guardian angels who watch over Haqqislamite citizens and interests in the most remote corners of the Sphere, and this evidences that to a nation that follows the Search for Knowledge, all the people who walk this path are of the utmost importance.

This box includes six miniatures: 1 Sekban with Red Fury, 1 Sekban with AP Rifle, 1 Hafza with Rifle and Light Shotgun, 1 Burkut with Submachine Gun, 1 Korsan with Light Shotgun, and 1 Al Hawwa Hacker.The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your Haqqislamite forces when things go wrong.

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