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Corvus Belli

Bixie, the Jade Champion

Bixie, the Jade Champion

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     Yu Jing’s champion in the HexaDome, heroine of the StateEmpire, and icon of the technological achievements of the Dágang Corporation. She was a young soldier who lost both legs fighting for her country on Svalarheima, and who still takes part in tournaments, as well as in recruiting campaigns and, especially, in touring different battlefronts representing Yu Jing and O-12, turned into a real symbol for all the StateEmpire’s citizens.

Sale Info: This box includes 1 miniature of Bìxié. A highly capable trooper to reinforce the Fireteams of the Invincible Army, the White Banner, and even Starmada, but which can also stand alone in your Yu Jing lists.

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