Gencon 2024

Gencon 2024

Please see our entire list of events: HERE

US Infinity Warcors proudly present….

Players attending tournaments must provide all models and supplies needed to play in a standard ITS event.

Thursday 9am- Gen Con Infinity Grand Prix

Take part in our flagship Infinity event, as we test your skills and endurance over 4 rounds of infinity.

  1. Firefight
  2. Frontline
  3. Counter Measures
  4. Hunting Party

Friday 10am- Gen Con Narrative Event
Chad Bussel is back with another WILD iteration of his acclaimed narrative events!  You simply cannot miss what he has in store for you this year!

Saturday 2pm – 400 Point Team Tournament (Non-ITS), You and a friend pair up, each with a 200 point single combat group list opposite an opposing team!

Grab a 200 point army, grab a friend, & come play in a fun team tournament! Single combat group per player. Each player is required to purchase a ticket.  Teams will be assigned randomly at the event to promote community growth!
1. Uplink Center
2. Annihilation
3. Cutthroat


Grab a single combat group, 300 point list and join us for the cataclysmic ending to Gen Con 2024.  All combatants will converge on a single table run in a no holds barred, theatre spanning conflict. 

Game will be conducted by two teams of 8 facing off across the table.

Infinity/Warcrow/REM Racers Demos:
No prior experience or supplies needed. Come as you are to enjoy a hands on gaming session with one of our seasoned Warcors!

Be Doctor Silica For a Day (Coloring):
Embrace your inner mad scientist and a box of our freely provided crayons to show everyone what a dossier might look like if you were left to your own mad devices!  An all age appropriate event, come color and enjoy the art of Infinity and Warcrow.

Arachne Events:

Among other Corvus Belli ambassadors, Carlos “Bostria” Llauger will host a presentation full of previews, announcements and insight information about INFINITY N4 and WARCROW Adventures.

Thursday 9pm- Trivia of the Human Sphere & Lindwurm

Friday 8pm- TAG deathmatch

It is a Game Mod for Infinity that allows many players to play against each other controlling just one miniature in a battle arena. It simulates the mechanics of an FPS. Players must supply 1 TAG.

Event Rules Courtesy of Beasts of War

Saturday 9:30pm- Rocket TAG - From the man behind the Gencon narrative comes his new twisted creation ROCKET TAG.  This is a must attend event!


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