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Infinity: Endsong w/ EXOs, Exrah Executive Officers Exclusive Edition

Infinity: Endsong w/ EXOs, Exrah Executive Officers Exclusive Edition

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“Infinity: Endsong” is an expansion for Infinity that opens up a new stage in the universe and game, welcoming the release of the new Reinforcements rules with a complete overview of all Infinity factions’ reinforcement and reaction groups, as well as their respective troops.

In addition to broadening the universe and backstory, preparing it for a new phase, this expansion also covers the Nomad mothership Bakunin and its Observance, the Hassassins of Haqqislam, and ALEPH’s Steel Phalanx.

This book also features three narrative scenarios to expand on the aftermath of the events of Endsong, which can be played in ITS to shape and determine the future of Concilium, either in campaign mode or as stand-alone games.

In addition, there are four top-level painting guides to unveil the secrets of professional painting for the most emblematic troops of Bakunin’s Observance, the Hassassins, and the Steel Phalanx.


EXOs, Exrah Executive Officers Pre-order Exclusive Edition

* Free miniature with Infinity: Endsong during pre-order.

They are cunning, sneaky, and treacherous, so all deals made with them must invariably be backed by force and the real threat of an aggressive and devastating response in the event of a unilateral breach of contract. Otherwise, they’ll follow the age-old Exrah dictum that says, “There are no lasting partners, only lasting interests; everything else is either an obstacle or a tool.” And quite frequently, the fate of obstacles and tools is the same: a knife in the back. They’ll have no qualms or feel no remorse, just delight in notching up another victory for their corporation.

This Medium Infantry officer will get you out of trouble when things go wrong and you have to call for Reinforcements. 

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